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Female officer pet peeve #1

My #1 pet peeve while I served for 5yrs as an MP was every-single-stop I made that involved a male (young and old) I was instantly sweet talked to... Listen, "bud"... I did not become an officer to meet my next husband or boyfriend. And you smooching up on my ego is NOT getting you out of this ticket. In fact all that does is make me look for more reasons to write you up. Enough is enough.
This is probably why I'm still an asshole towards young male soldiers. By young I mean the joe's. 5s and up are not as inclined to try to talk their way out of a ticket which is always appreciated even if i don't say it. Oi ve.
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    I was always told by male police officers that simply being a female in any law enforcement profession would provide it's own obstacles. And yes, being hit on or sweet-talked is definitley one of them. You just have to brush it off if it actually bothers you. Most women are not courageous enough to get involved in this kind of work, so in a lot of incidents in which we deal with males, they won't understand the real capabilities of a female officer. But in the end, I could not think of a better profession to go into.

    God bless and stay safe!
  • Yeah i knew that when i signed the dotted line. I just didn't realize the extent of the bullshit ahead of me. Ridiculous. :-L
  • Every female officer I've ever worked with has earned my highest respect. Yeah, they have some obstacles, but in some situations, they can be a definite advantage.
  • I'm not trying to say that being a female officer is any harder then being a male. (Unless you count periods). I'm just saying that as far as stops are concerned (the simple ones), it's a bitch when you happen to have a pair of breasts.
  • Actually, I think being a female officer IS harder. The males they have to deal with think they can get the best of them, and say stuff like 'honey', 'sweetheart', etc.

    I was in the Academy class with two females that could kick my butt - literally.

    And as far as having a pair of breasts - yeah, it is. My female cousin was with the Indianapolis PD back when they did not make ballistic vests sized for the female form. Her breasts hurt all the time.
  • The belt hurts more. Everyday I ended with new bruises... Do they make a female formed (softened) belt yet? :)
  • I've never heard of one... but then again, I haven't looked. They do have belt suspenders (hidden and non-hidden) that distributes the weight to your shoulders. I have one, but have yet to have the time to get the darn thing adjusted :) Since I've had two spinal fusions (one lower, one neck), I guess I should make the time.

    What works for me is to make it as tight as I can so it doesn't move around as much...
  • I didn't think that females should be cops. This came from a child hood experience with one who worked in our town. second phase FTO changed all that. She showed me that there are bad female cops AND bad male cops. It was very enligtening and changed my whole perspective.
  • I was advised that they have started making a belt that is tapered to fit the female form more closely, reducing pain and injury. They've been making holsters for females for years...they sit further from the body than the ones designed for males.
  • Try the Back Defender. I personally haven't used one but heard nothing but great things. Lifts your belt and it's weight( gear) off your waist, hips etc. Runs around $200. Worth every penny. I'm short waisted and my issue is my Baton and gun pressing into my ribs and tatas. Weigh yourself with and without gear on. Mine including vest 14 lbs. I'm sure some others weigh more. No wonder we have back problems.
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  • I have one of those, Chick. Just haven't fitted it yet. Does it work???
  • I have worked with some great females and some not so great females. One partner i had I had almost triple use of force reports for the year. I think she was trying to hard to be a hard ass. I ended up in the Sgt's office one day telling her she had an alligator mouth and a candy ass and I was done being her enforcer. I ended up moving on to a warrant squad and she ended up getting out of LE about 4 months later. Personally the best cops are females who know how to use it when they need to.
  • I personally laugh at those jerks that think they can sweet talk themselves out of a ticket, or into anywhere else. It's pathetic and the stupid bastards just don't realize that they're not all that.

    My first job was for a supermarket chain here in MA. While I was out gathering carriages one evening with a female co-worker. She came over and told me that there was a guy over in his car, no pants and engaging in activities best left to the privacy of one's own home.

    I told her to go have our supervisor call the PD. They sent over a female Sgt. The cruiser pulled up in front of his car and she went over and knocked on the window. "Put it away pee wee and go the hell home or I'm taking you in just like that."

    I was laughing for a straight 10 minutes.

    Best thing to do when stopped is to Stop. Don't try running it will only end badly. cooperate with and be respectful to the officer. I find that on those odd occasions when I do get pulled over that is the best approach.

    It's a mistake to think of our LEOs as the "boogyman" you men and women are doing a job, it's not a personal "out to get Joe X." thing. Thanks for keeping us safe!
  • When you run from me, you'll only go to jail tired...

    I have worked with some great female cops.
  • Ladies check out the Safariland contoured female duty belt. Its model 942 I think. It has made a big difference for me.
  • Females are going to be hit on no matter what. It is what guys do and it should be expected. The difference is that YOU are initiating contact where the guy who now has your undivided attention.

    Many guys would love to talk to a pretty girl but there may be no way to initiate contact. The traffic stop does this for them. You are talking about young military guys looking for action. So your pet peeve is that you hate what is programmed into our DNA. We are sorry that we are young, full of testosterone, and trying to find a date. ha-ha!

    Sure E5s and above are older, wiser, and not permitted to fraternize with lower enlisted. So of course they did not try to flirt with you and get out of the ticket.

    I work with a few attractive female officers and they play it up big time! They laugh about the people asking them out and play the voice mails where the guy hits on them. They eat it up big time as it feeds their ego and self worth. Very immature if you ask me.
  • Im not a policewoman but I will admit if im to be pullled over please for the love of god let it be a male! Female cops are so much tougher in Washington state. Especially seattle, I knew two growing up one was a sheriff for my area(I lived in a uncorporated county) and she was really nice but had a look and feel of someone you never wanted to nake mad. And she showed it a few times when she show up at my middle school. She walked the halls and every person would respect her like she was high and mighty. But in the end she was a very nice woman who knew her place in her job and what she needed to do keep safe.
  • The sad part is that many female officers seem to act overly tough so they are NOT challenged. It leaves a lasting and negative impression. There is a delicate balance that must be walked.

    You can be taken seriously and not have to play butch all the time to make it happen. I suspect that many do not want to be asked out either so this is a way to block the attempt by appearing unattractive.

    The problem is that the female officer begins to carry that game face back to the station too and uses it in front of her peers. Then... the bad reputation begins where is really matters.
  • I have been told that I am too nice and polite. My response is "I am nice until I have a reason to not be nice and then I am not nice." I think most criminals actually respond to someone being nice or respectful and they respond with the same level of respect. (Some of the people that we deal with have never been called sir or maam and it really does make a difference sometimes. I was on a call with a male officer who was yelling at a suspect who would not comply, when I entered the room I said "Sir, please put your hands behind your head and interlace your fingers." He immediately obeyed and said it was because of the polite manner in which I spoke to him. I notice that in most cases my calm nature tends to de-escalate the situation but sometimes I do have to be mean. I dont understand why some females think that they have to be mean to everyone to prove their toughness. I saw this a lot in the Army as well.
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