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Police Officer Thin Blue Line Decal give away.

Enter now to win one of these Official Thin Blue Line Decals. We are giving away 10 of these bad boys. Just post what you love about Law Enforcement here between 1/31/2014 - 2/07/2014 for a chance to win.
Thin Blue Line Decals at
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  • I used to have one of these on my truck. It was old and glue dried up and it came off. Would love to get one to replace it. Law Enforcement was the best job I ever had, now retired.
  • Been in law enforcement for 9 years and just got promoted to K-9! I love every minute of this job, wouldn't trade it for nothing!
  • I love the diversity of the job, there's something new every day.
  • Would love one of these for my truck it matches the tattoo of this I have on my right inner forearm.
  • I'm in for the decal, Thanks in advance
  • Finishing my degree in criminal justice. This would be a great graduation gift!
  • I love the fact that I wake up every day and look forward to going into work. My job is entertaining, who else gets to hear 10 lies told 1,000 different ways!!
  • I was an explorer for 5 years just aged out last may and looking into detention if not patrol in the near future. would be great to have on my vehicle, Ive seen and been to too many memorials for the LEO's that have fallen here in Arizona.
  • I was a first responder for 10 years and IPD always had our backs!
  • Perfect timing, just traded my car in and destroyed my sticker trying to save it, new car looks naked without one.
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • I am a 911 operator and my husband is in PD. I love the fact that we love our jobs and look forward to going every day. Doesn't feel so much like "work".
  • My husband had 40 plus years in law enforcement & my son is the Cheif of police in our hometown. This would be a perfect gift for our grandkids
  • About to come up on getting through my first year as a Deputy and I love every minute of it. I've been wanting to be in Law Enforcement for several years and now I am and there's no other job I'd rather have. Would love to get this decal!
  • The brotherhood
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    I have worked for the NYS dept of corrections and have seen so many kids after they make the mistakes. I became a police officer to see if I could save a few from making those mistakes. So many of those kids just needed some guidance.
  • Are you kidding? What's not to love?! This is the family business for me.
    I could use this to spruce up my office decor.
  • I love being able to see through all the BS and actually getting to help people who need it. I love having a family of blue and being a part if something that is much bigger than any one person. I love that I can take pride in the work that all of us in the thin blue line do every day!
  • I love Law Enforcement because it helps me take everything I have learnt in life and apply it daily. Everyday is a new set of challenges.
  • I love calling the story line as we roll up to a job. Even if I'm not right, it's always entertaining!
  • So true, many times its just us out there, I love this saying!!! I would be proud to put in on my vehicle
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • Justice. It is us. We do what we can to preserve it. It's why we do what we do. For the victim first, then for ourselves.
  • They stand watch while we sleep!
  • My daughter is a LEO and my very best friend is an instructor at the FBI Academy. Much love & appreciation for all LEOs!!
  • Dream job to be in Law Enforcement!!! I would love one of these stickers!!!
  • I am currently serving in the US Army as a military police officer for 5 years now. Love every part of it. Currently in the traffic section, so responding to accidents gives me that rush of I could be responding to an incident where I need to save a life.
  • WE ARE FAMILY. Forever. The thin blue line runs deep.Simple as that. Once a COP,ALWAYS A COP.
  • Retired as a POLICE SGT.IN 1991. MISS THE JOB.JV
  • It may sound funny but I really don't mind going to calls where someone fell down or just wants us to walk through their yard because it makes them feel safe. To me that is why we do what we do. More than catching the bad guy or writing a ticket. Its making our citizens feel comfortable and confident that we are always there for them.
  • I love being a new detective!! Great feeling of pride!!
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    Being retired Law Enforcement, I still stop to help someone in need. That was the best part about being in law enforcement, helping someone in need. Weather it be arresting someone that needed it or stopping to say "hey" to the kids playing in the street, or another officer or agency needing help or assistance. Just being out in the community, that was enjoyment for me...
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • I am LEO and I work for the justice and at the end of the day I realize there is just us LEO's.
  • I just got a new cycle and my decals went with the old one. I tried to remove them but alas no luck. I'm a medically retired officer and still get a thrill when I hear a siren. I guess I always will.

  • Been retired 14 years now and still in contact with my "family" monthly for meetings and daily on the phone. As the saying goes - " once a Cop, always a Cop"
  • Retired now...missing the comradery...
  • Retired now... didnt realize how close of a family Law Enforcement really till my son and
    daughter in law became Deputys...all the old timers that are still working ask about me..Its great to know the family is still concerned and they Welcome the next Generation with open arms..
  • Truer word have never been said. Police officer for over 14 years and I can't think of a better profession
  • Worked in a hospital police department for 11 years. Completed Assoc. Degree in CJ in 2008 then Bach. Degree in CJ in 2010. Completed OPOTA at the age of 48 and currently working as a Police Officer. Don't let the age fool you, I have plenty of dedication and determination to be working this job for many years to come. Now my oldest daughter finished her Assoc. Degree in CJ and is interested in law enforcement/investigation. I've worked different jobs throughout my life yet this job is the most definingdefining. It would be an honor to show my respect to all my brother and sister Police Officers with one of these decals.
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    At the end of the day, this statement is the reality. With plea wielding prosecutors and lenient judges that don't take care of business, we are left in the field upholding the good fight, sometimes as solo units to face down the evil that exist. Stay safe my brother and sisters. 15 years
  • I'm 19 years old and about to join a Police Academy here in FL. i have over 600 hours of ride alongs and walk alongs on the road and in the jail. I know I seem young and naive but i see what amazing things law enforcement does and the s**** they put up with. They stand at night keeping us safe in our beds. Military protects our freedoms, doctors heal us, but officers of law enforcement protect us at home. They keep our children and family safe 24 hours a day and they are on the front lines in our neighborhoods. THAT is what i love about law enforcement.
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