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I need advice.

edited 10 May 2014 in Ask a Officer
I was a CO at a regional jail, and back in mid April, I was arrested for public intoxication. I left the bar, drove a few miles and pulled into a parking lot to sleep it off. I was asleep when the deputies rolled up and long story short, I did 5 hours in the drunk tank and cut loose with a $109 fine. Told my chain of command that first day back to work and was placed on LWOP, and was instructed to pay the fine by my superiors, which I did. The next day, they fired me. I filed an appeal and was denied based upon the police report and my own admission of driving while impaired in addition to violating three jail policies.

I know the consequences could have been more severe (DUI/DWI charge) and I was an idot for not calling someone to come get me. I love my job, and I want to get back to the grind. Before this happened, I was squeaky clean- no traffic tickets, etc. and my work ethic was above and beyond; shiny boots, crisp uniform, no write ups or suspensions. I was %100 honest with the deputies, my chain of command and they let me go anyway. Has anyone else been in this situation or know someone that has? Did they get their jobs back? Any advice would be appreciated, but please no excessive badgering me with "what if's, shoulda's and coulda's" or overzealous rants about "betraying the badge and brotherhood." Trust me, I've beat myself up enough over this. I just want to know if I have a chance to ever get my job back or ever work in this field again.
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