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New Sheriffs Deputy

Hello to All,

I am new to Law Enforcement, only been active as a Reserve Deputy for six months. However I have been on the streets as a Volunteer Fire Fighter and also an EMT working for a local ambulance service for roughly 7 years. I have always enjoyed working alongside LEOs, both Local and State. My goal is to attend the Part Time/Reserve Academy in January 2015 and then start working on a part time basis, which will hopefully turn into a full time position. I live in a small rural area of South Mississippi so unfortunately I will not get to see the action of a large city. I appreciate the opportunity to visit and chat with other more experienced Officers and absorb some knowledge as well as "tricks of the trade" if you will. During my short time as a Deputy I have enjoyed the experience and that makes me more anxious to get through the academy and start to patrol on my own. I look forward to learning and chatting with many of you here in the future!

With respect,
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