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Hello all, My name is Dave Austin from Geraldine, Alabama. I was a police officer for right at thirty years. All but the last five were part time and the last five was full time at the Geraldine Police Dept'. I had to leave in Sept' of last year due to having MS. I am very active in Law Enforcement as much as I can be. I am 48 years young and would love to be back out on the road. This was my dream job from the time I was 7.


  • 30 years is a good stretch. Kudos's to your Sir!
  • Thank you mam.
  • 30 years in and still chargin it. Glad to see someone that still has passion after that many years.
  • Told all my family that even though I may not be active on duty, that I still want to carry the badge to my grave..The Chief has been very good to me and I am keeping up my CEU's.
  • coodooos daustin, I don't believe I will stay for 30 Yrs, I'm on my 18th yr now and Im ready to retire....Good Luck Bro, Hope u get back out there soon
  • Welcome Brother.Im in Haleyville AL.
  • Bless you brother, I know how you feel. I had to retire after a little over 20 years due to a back injury. That was in 1999. I still miss it. You'll get thru it fine, especially with the help of your brothers and sisters in blue.
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