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RIP Officer Jonnie Jones of Northeast PD TX

Johnnie Jones was a Police Officer in Texas who spent his life serving others, and now his family is in need of your help! On Wednesday of this week, Johnnie came home from his shift feeling ill. Early Thursday morning, he woke up unable to breathe and was taken to the ER. He was quickly moved to the ICU and diagnosed with a rapidly progressing bacterial infection that progressed into his blood. Johnnie's infection shut down his organ function, and he began a fight for his life.  Johnnie passed away Monday morning, surrounded by his loving family.

Johnnie is survived by his adoring wife, April and their beautiful daughter Audrey.  April has already incurred expenses from the hospital stay alone, and she will incur more.  Please continue to pray for the Jones family, and please donate. April and Audrey need our help, they need to continue knowing they are not facing this alone. 

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