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New Officer

Hello, my name is Andrew and I am a new officer in my department. I have been with them for less than a year and am still in Field Training. I had a rougher time last phase, faster/tougher part of town, than my first phase, slower/safer. Its a little frustrating but i under stand there is a learning curve. Im also not a big fan of my field training program as a whole, nor do I care for the Sergeant that is in charge of the FTO program. The department seems to be very gossipy, i have heard rumors about me that I have no idea where or why they came about. My frustration is rising and I am occasionally not sure that this is the right job/department for me. Being new to the position, I was wondering if others have had this experience and how they dealt with it.
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  • Hang in there. Most of them just brush it off. Im not an officer yet but I heard a lot of stories from friends, similar to yours.
  • You will deal with office politics at any department. You know the truth, just have to brush off what you hear. If they are making stuff up, it means your good or have something they want. I know it is hard, went through the same sh*t. Hang in there.
  • Same at my department. Doesn't matter where you go, you will notice the "Gossip."

    Naturally, you won't always agree with your FTO. That's one of the reasons why you have more than one. Every FTO trains differently. Your supposed to take a little from each trainer and then develop your own style of policing. FT is tough. It's meant to be. I always tell my guys to sit back, absorb and don't argue (too much).

    But as far as the gossip goes, welcome to police work pal, its high school all over again.
  • It doesn't matter what dept you go to. You will have office politics, rumors and lies. I agree with shadow903, If they are making up stuff, you obviously have something they want or they perceive you as a threat for their job. Give it time and brush it off like water on a ducks back.
  • Politics suck for sure. Don't get sucked into it.
  • I was a field coach with the RCMP during my career. I told my new partners that everything they learned in training, during depot (academy), is now going to start to make sense. Some things you will use somethings you will adapt and some things you will improve on. I also take the time to discuss office politics, chain of command and standing up and facing your peers. You have to be seen as honest reliable dependable and capable of protecting and covering your fellow officers in all things up to but never including criminal behavior. Conduct your self at all times as if your momma is watching, strive to make her proud!
  • I think men gossip more than women, especially in law enforcement. Hang in there buddy and dont let it bother you. You are new and the talk of the town, when more new ppl come you will be old news and it will get better. I worked for an agency for 6 years and just switched to another, its my second week on the job. I feel your pain.
  • Hold you head high and just do the best job you can do. I was once there. The rumors about me were crazy and made me so mad. I did start to understand the more I woul try to correct them the more they would be spread around. Now I just laugh at them and go on about my work. Being a female everyone talks. I agree with above statement about your FTO. Learn a little from each get through it and take on your own style when your on your own out there. And yes it's high school all over again.
  • Welcome Andrew
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