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Patch Trading

Hello everyone!!!!! Does anyone trade patches on here?


  • Yes there is another thread on the subject. Inbox me if you would like to trade.
  • Long time in the hobby. Always looking for new trades. I'm in southern CA, retired from LAPD. Email me
  • im will to trade also boy scout patches for your kids or know a person making a quilt
  • Ok great. Email me I'm springfield twp. In ohio....I will e mail the others soon! Thanks!
  • I'm a LEO in Maryland and I like to trade patches my neighbor who is also a Md LEO likes to trade. Between the two of us from two different dept.
    We have plenty of patches to trade. Anyone interested email me at
  • Inbox me for trades also
  • Hi there everyone. i am a police officer in England, (Suffolk) on the east coast to be exact. we dont really have badges like yours, although i have some metal crest pins. would be interested if anyone would like to swop or send some over if they have any spare
  • I'm always looking to trade patches. It me up if anyone is interested.
  • email me at I will trade patches from my service in Ontario Canada
  • I Would like to start trading patches
    I'm a retired Phila, Policeofficer
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  • Got 1 trade down.. I have 20 more patches from the service I am with..
    email me at or
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