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Youngest daughter of Eric Garner joins NYPD memorial.

edited 22 Dec 2014 in LODD News & Memorials

The youngest daughter of cop-chokehold victim Eric Garner on Monday joined the steady stream of mourners visiting a makeshift memorial where two NYPD cops were fatally ambushed in Brooklyn.

Emerald Snipes-Garner, 22, said she had earlier visited the family of one of the slain cops, Officer Rafael Ramos.

“It hit my heart because I know what it feels like, with this upcoming season and you don’t have your father around, I know firsthand what you’re feeling,” Snipes-Garner said at Myrtle and Tompkins avenues in Bed-Stuy.

“And I just want everyone to know that we have to pray for the mental health of the activists and people. … And you know, I want to let everyone know that we have to be peaceful. My father wasn’t a violent man. He was very peaceful. There are ways that you can do things without letting tragedies happen.”

She said her family is not “anti-police.”

“There are bad cops, and there are good cops and, unfortunately, this tragedy happened. I just want to send my love out to everyone who is affected by this tragedy,” she said.

Among the throngs visiting the shrine were New York’s Finest, who were joined by out-of-town brethren and military personnel to honor Ramos and fellow Officer Wenjian Liu. The pair were fatally gunned down by a cop-hating Ismaaiyl Brinsley on Saturday while sitting in their patrol car.

Authorities believe Brinsley executed the cops to avenge Garner and Michael Brown, who died during confrontations with white cops.

Two cops from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in Pennsylvania lit a candle at the dead cops’ memorial at 9:30 a.m.

“We felt compelled to stop and pay our respects to our fallen comrades,” said a Monroe deputy. “It’s a different department, a different state — but these two fallen officers are our brothers, and we are here to honor their sacrifice.”

Joining the pair was US Army Capt. Amina Ali of the Medical Corps, who said she showed up to give a “last salute to the NYPD.”
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Emerald Snipes-Garner visits the makeshift memorial Monday.Photo: Paul Martinka

“I’ve been on casualty assistance for two years — I just returned from Iraq. I work the burial services, and my heart goes out to the families,” Ali said in full dress uniform. “This is a very difficult time for them, and my heart just goes out to them. I came by because as a soldier I feel we serve the same mission, brothers in arms.”
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Kirsten John Foy, president of the Brooklyn chapter of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, accompanied Snipes-Garner.

“To the Police Department, we may not agree with everything, but we are not going to allow these disagreements to destroy our city, we are not going to let those disagreements destroy the meaning of the season,” Foy said. “These were not uniforms that died. These were human beings that lost their lives, unnecessarily, unjustifiably, tragically, horribly.”

Among those who left tributes was EMT Tantania Alexander, who tried to save the fallen cops just after the shooting.

Ramos struggled to tell her his name before he blacked out, she said.

Her message at the site reads:

“To Ramos, my heart goes out to the family. I was an EMT that tried. Your [sic] an angel now. No more hurt or pain you have to feel. I’m sorry, EMT Chief BSVAC.”

Alberta Fergerson, 58, of East New York, whose brother is a corrections officer, called the killings “senseless.”

“Now it could happen to any of our family members,” Fergerson said as she lay a wreath. “Some people on social media are trying to say they’re happy about this happening, celebrating! They are just insane! Just crazy! They’re encouraging copycats, all kinds of just craziness. I think people need to come here and support the family as well as the NYPD.”

NYPD cars from precincts across the city were joined by ambulances, sanitation trucks and other vehicles that passed the tragic site on Tompkins Avenue – slowing down in a mile-long somber procession in which many driver took pictures.
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