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Bad Excuses for a Citation...

A new interstate entrance ramp was built where I live, and long story short, when drivers used to turn left to get on the southbound side, you now have to make a right turn. There is a giant electronic construction sign that says "TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT AREA / NO LEFT TURNS". There are also 5 MORE signs that clearly say that left turns are prohibited. Yet, somehow people still seem to make those left turns. I was working Saturday night and even as myself and the officer I was with were sitting there in the cruiser, people still made the turns. As you can imagine, every time we saw it, we flipped on the lights and pulled them over on the ramp. Every single time their excuse was, "I didn't see any signs!".

Sometimes I can't help but chuckle when people make horrible excuses. What's the worst you've heard?


  • We have a decent size hill in my city where the speed limit is 25MPH but we usually let people go 10 over... One night running laser I grabbed a car doing 63MPH I stopped her and when I asked her why she was going so fast she said "it wasn't me officer, I took my foot off the gas and gravity took over"
  • >>"it wasn't me officer, I took my foot off the gas and gravity took over"<<

    Yeah, that's why you have a brake pedal. It's your anti-gravity device lol
  • I pulled over a guy for susp of DUI. Once he failed the SFTs, and read him his rights, I asked him why he was driving to which he responded "Man, I can't hardly walk. Driving was the only way I could make it home." After I put him in the back of the car, I had to laugh.
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