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Help for a cops son

Hello all! My name is Jim Brown, I'm a Sergeant with the Nassau County Police Department in New York. I have had the honor of counting myself amongst your ranks for over 17 years. I am a fourth generation Police Officer starting with my great grandfather who became one of New York City's finest in 1898. my grandfather, my father, and now my brother and I have all been fortunate enough to be Police Officers. I am desperately trying to help my son Patrick who is named after my cousin, FDNY Capt. Paddy Brown of 3Truck who was killed on 911.
Our son Patrick, 7 (Paddy's namesake) is on the severe end of the Autism Spectrum and we are in a contest trying to win him a special adaptive bicycle that would enable him the ability to ride a bike while we his parents can control it. The contest is over on March 4 and the person with the most nominations wins. There is no donation involved it is just the click of a button and you can vote by either email address and or facebook account. Feel free to use multiple email addresses and pass this along as you see fit. Attached you'll find the link to nominate my son. It has always been my honor to have served amongst you and I would be honored further by your support. God Bless all of you, and please stay safe!!!!
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