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Policing is NOT a Customer Service Profession.

Here's an interesting post:
We have taken the philosophy of customer service (a square peg), and repeatedly tried to force it into the law enforcement profession (a round hole). This was a well intended idea that someone took from the world of business and tried to make it work for their law enforcement agency, and it has continued to spread. The problem: we don’t have customers as police officers. We swear an oath before God to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. That is our solemn contract with society, not a customer service policy similar to the one at your local gas station.


  • Well said, now convince the public...
  • Agree but good luck convincing my Admin. LOL.
  • We need a return to victim orientated policing. This crap about being extra soft on offenders during processing makes me want to tear my hair out.
  • My former chief said treat this like being a greeter at wal mart. If they want a smile give them a smile, if they want to get punched in the face then punch them in the face! haha
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