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Married to the Boss

edited 11 Dec 2012 in Family Matters
My fiancee is 23 years in the department, when we met, I was an elected official from another county. I resigned and moved with him as he does have residency restrictions and not wanting to give up my political career, have decided to run for commissioner in the township. He is very supportive. But. I worry about his life at the department during and after the election, especially if I'm elected. I'm wondering how everyone else would feel about this.


  • Love how nobody wants to comment on this. Guess this is my answer. You are all cowards. And supportive to to your LEO'S... NICE..
  • Hmm I was writing a response and then I read your response... nevermind.
  • ^ My thoughts exactly.
  • Allco,
    For one thing, you are going to have to learn to lighten up or you will never make it in the law enforcement family.

    I too held an elective office in our community and my husband is an appointed Chief in a neighboring town. It can work, I had to learn when to excuse myself from certain topics due to potential conflicts of interest, our town attorney was most helpful in guiding me. I was always aware of how my actions and words could effect his career as he was with mine.

    I would encourage you to really do some soul searching, being in a relationship with a cop is a world unto its own, you may have to check your own ego in order to ensure his career is not effected by your attitude. The words you posted were uncalled for, did you even give folks a chance to respond? I know I've only been on the site a few times and this was the first time I'd seen it and was only prompted to read since my husband is a Chief.

    I wish you the best, I hope your relationship is a happy one and you find peace and contentment in whatever you chose to do. Again, I encourage you to focus on your anger and why you felt the need to lash out at folks who really would have loved to help you if you'd given them a chance. I can assure you, you will NOT find a better group of people than the law enforcement family. When the time comes and you need to call on them, they will be there, don't alienate them.
  • WOW.... ^ I'm with this comment. Read it about....^^^^
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    What is said above ^
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