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Hello From the San Jose Police Department

I am a 18 year volunteer at SJPD and on Tuesday, we lost Michael Johnson, a 14 year veteran of the police department.
Mike was gunned down by a sniper with a rifle with a high powered scope. He was laying in wait after his wife called 911 to report him as threatening her life and bent on committing suicide. When Mike and three other officers arrived at the apartment, they had no information that the sniper had anything more than handguns. Neither his wife or daughter told Dispatch that he had access to a rifle and scope. This guy (Scott Dunham) intended on killing police officers from the get go. Mike's partner, Doug Potwora (a 16 year vet of the SJPD) bravely took his AR-15 rifle and dropped the sniper on the balcony. Potwora saved the lives of his fellow officers and members of the San Jose community, all the while knowing his partner laid mortally wounded beside him.

Michael Johnson was a fantastic officer, dedicated himself to patrolling the streets of San Jose his entire career and he was a good friend of mine. To say his loss is tremendous is an understatement. The citizens of San Jose has lost one of the great ones and he will be sorely missed. Michael was in the same academy class as the last officer to die in the line of duty in San Jose, Jeff Fontana. Both were killed in the line of duty by an ambush.

My wish to you is that you will all be safe each and every time you put on your uniform. Your bravery and valor is to be commended. Thank you all for the job that you do and always Vaya con Dios (go with God).

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