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Hey guys, I'm new around here. I was born and raised in Tampa and other parts of Florida. I have finally found myself up in the central florida area originally because of going to UCF but now for the job. Started as an explorer in 2004, finished that out became a dispatcher and finally a cop. I have had some unique training and hands-on as an explorer. As a dispatcher I never felt that I was large enough to fill the chairs we have lol, but finally I am on the road where I belong.


  • Hey! Congrats on getting hired, I'm totally jealous! lol! I live in Tampa, which department do you work for?

    I'm trying to work for TPD, I'm currently a student at USF. Great to meet somebody from the same area! :)
  • Thanks, and its awesome to meet someone else from my area. I work for one of the sheriff's offices just south of central florida. Good luck getting in with TPD, I have a few other friends beginning to process with them as well.
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