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Injured on duty

I'm new to the page but had a question. I have been a Deputy for 6 years. I got hurt a few weeks ago and had surgery last week. My department has now taken the stance they will offer no light duty to any deputies who are hurt on or off duty. Personally I think this is a crock of shit but I'm wondering if its like that other places? It seems there is a lot of good work that can be done working a desk not to mention it boost moral. If you get hurt off duty you have to burn all your time and then you are shit out of luck. I would love some feedback on this.


  • It is common. If you were hurt on duty they have to let you go to light duty once it is approved by the doctor. I think that is a federal law but I am not sure. As far as if you do it off duty they do not have to provide anything. I tore my knee up at work and another buddy of mine broke his leg playing hockey which our command staff has taken a strong stance on its people participating in athletics. They will not support any type of athletic event after one of our SGT's passed away during a charity football game from a heart attack.
  • I thought it was fed law as well but they are doing it. I guess I understand the off duty thing to a point. I had ortho in 09 on a knee I screwed up in a fight. They put me on a desk in the investigation unit and I made a shot ton of felony cases.
  • Are they prepared to allow you to drive a desk or are they wanting you to burn the time off and then 'tough luck'?
  • We have take home cars so as long as your not on a driving restriction I don't see the problem. If its on duty they pay you workmans comp disability which is no wear near a full check. You are not allowed to burn your time during that time.
  • I actually brought home more on workers comp then I did with my regular salary.
  • I agree BS.....hope you recover fast
  • My doc released me to full duty one time with my right arm in a cast, the moron. Luckily the boss said no, go home and come back when your done with physical therapy. Workers Comp covered the whole thing. I enjoyed the time off.
  • Where I work it's all up to the dr. If the dr releases you to work. But with restrictions than they try an find a job within them. Of they can not than you can't come back till you are released to fully duty. We have a co that works as a correction assistant bc of a on the job injury and we have a Leo that is at home bc they can't find a job that fit in the dr orders.
  • It's a Federal Workers Comp Law. If your doctor orders "light duty" due to a duty related injury/illness, you are 100% protected by law. A lot of agencies try to get around this and are shut down quick. Once your doctor clears you to "full duty" you must work or you are forced to use your own time.

    You need to contact your union rep ASAP and your City Hall. You will be fine. This happens everyday.
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