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Suck it up?

Your regular day off. You get a call at 10 am from LT. LT says you are to be at the mandatory meeting and holiday lunch and it was in the email which everyone received. You tell him you didn't get an email. LT says ok, you will be filled in later and hangs up on you. You double checked all your emails, sent, saved, trash and spam. Nothing saying mandatory meeting. You call and text supervisor and few co workers, no replies. 2 hours later, your supervisor calls you and says, don't worry about it, you were left out of the email. You come in the next duty day and open up your email and see an apology email from a civilian, not the LT who hung up on you or any other brass. Another thing, you just started this job 5 months ago. Suck it up or look for new employment?


  • Wow if that's the worst day you've had then you're doing OK. No matter where you work there are poor leaders, too many meetings and pot lucks. There's nothing to suck up. If you're LT hanging up on you bothers you then you really will be bothered when someone screams at you to take off your gun and badge so it can be a fair fight, screams they're going to f*#k your Mom, sister daughter etc, spit in your face, dedicate/urinate on themselves and you're transport unit, get bit by a dog, get called the "B", " C " or other foul names or are informed one of your own has been murdered on duty. That my friend is a bad day. Take it with a grain of salt. Count your blessings and embrace the best profession ever!!! Good luck and stay safe out there!!!
  • I agree with Chickcrimefighter.... its a front row seat to the greatest show on earth
  • Agreed, I've been through a lot of bull where I work, stuff like that happens here every other dang day lol. That's just the day today stuff you gotta get use too.
  • I dont think that I could have said it any better Chick...except if you are getting shot at, ran over, or in the fight for your life.... That must be some "new" school feel good crap that the academy's are teaching now. We need to all get back to "Old School" policing where this is not a job... Its a way of Life. Stay safe and watch you six
  • Well said chick
  • 5 months? Your Lt? Your lucky he didn't ask you to tongue polish his boots! Suck it up princess!

    So you didn't show up?
  • Agreed. Looking for new employment won't help because no matter where you work, on the job or in the private sector, there's gonna be douche bags above you. Suck it up and drive on
  • In the scheme of things, this would irritate me, but it's relatively minor. Don't sweat the petty stuff (and don't pet the sweaty stuff!). Pick your battles for the stuff that really matters.
  • Allen126, suck it up, you'll get thru it. Had bumper stickers made up once that said " Save a tree, kill a Captain." Because of all the BS memos that came out every day. One day, the one Capt. Sent out 23 different memos, and memo 12 said to disregard memo 11. Only problem was, we received #12 before we got #11... Lol!
  • Dude my captain called me one time and told me to be in his office in 30 min and hung up. I was sleeping and had just come off a 26 hour homicide investigation. I got up and busted my ass to get there just to find out they had changed their mind and "Forgot to call" he patted me on the back and said go get some sleep your back in 7 hours. Was I happy no, but its the job and you took an oath to serve not sleep. To quote a DI of mine from the academy "There are some people that should go when 911 is dialed, and there are some people that should dial 911. You figure out which you are."
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