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A Fallen Officer's Family in the Middle of a Nightmare

Good Day.

My name is Christine McCarthy-Head, and officer William 'Jerry' McCarthy is my Dad. Sadly, my Dad lost his life in the line of duty on May 2nd, 2013, when a cruiser he was riding in was hit by the suspect they were pursuing. Your website published his story, and gave other brothers and sisters in blue the opportunity to post comments and offer condolences. As his only daughter, and on behalf of my entire family, I would like to say thank you for honoring my Dad by running his story and giving your law enforcement community a chance to grieve along side us. It was truly comforting to read each and every post from folks we knew, and from folks who knew exactly what we were going through, but have never met.

Sadly, two years later, we are dealing with another tragedy. One that has our local community outraged, and one that I feel your organization needs to be informed of. Over Father's Day Weekend, it was discovered that the body of my Dad was removed from his final resting place at Crestview Memorial Park in Grove City, PA to an unknown location. All that was left at the burial site was a disturbed patch of earth. No Flowers, no marker, no trace. Management for the cemetery refused to speak to any of his relatives, sighting a privacy policy that was put into place. Our family was horrified to learn that this had been done with no warning, no notification and no consent.

My Dad was a Law Enforcement Officer for over 40 years. He was killed doing something he loved. He was given full honors, a Catholic burial and was laid to rest in our family burial plot next to his grandparents and plots designated for his parents.

After an intense social media campaign it was learned that my Dad's widow (of only a few years) had his body disinterred and relocated to a cemetery several miles away. The exact location of his body has still not been confirmed by his widow, or her attorney. She made no attempt to contact any of our family to let them know she was going to do this. Her own sister was shocked to learn that she had him disinterred and moved.

He was a good man that loved his family. Besides myself, he has two sons, my brothers Michael and Ben, six grand children, his parents whom are still alive, a sister and brother-in-law, two nieces, and several aunts, uncles and cousins. Standing right beside us are his extended family, all of our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement. He loved his community and the people he served. He loved Jesus and walked beside him all of his life. He was a good man and led a good life. He did not deserve to be treated this way. He deserved more respect than this. He deserved to rest in peace.

Unfortunately my Dad's widow is not willingly to respond to requests for information. She says this is a private matter that doesn't concern us. This is just her latest attempt to inflict pain to our family. So we have had no choice but to petition the court for answers. It will be a lengthy, difficult, and expensive battle. But one well worth fighting for if it means we can bring my Dad home with the respect and dignity he deserves!

I'm reaching out to your organization because you have already reached so many people when my Dad passed. I'm hoping you will reach those same people to get this part of his story out. If there is anything you can do to help us raise the funds necessary to find the answers our family so desperately needs, I would greatly appreciate it. Below is the link to our Justice For Jerry Facebook page, and the link to the donation website we have created. I thank you in advance for any support your organization can give my family during this difficult time.

As my Dad would say "Stay safe, and God Bless",

With Kindest Regards,
Chris McCarthy-Head

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