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Tactical vest

Ok, so I need suggestions when it comes to purchasing a tactical vest. Work for the SO and debating on what type to purchase. My buddies keep buying the Safariland type vest OD policy is lenient when it comes to the brand

From Central Valley Cali


  • I've been doing this for about 6 years. The best advise I can give you after serving on 2 tac teams is get a molle style vest not a pre made. This will let you set it up for anything you want to do. Personally my current vest came from it is a plate carrier and the best build I have had. I've been through 3 different vest lol
  • The one I'm looking into has to be custom made and that takes 8 weeks and goes for 200 (not counting the pouches). iIl check out the website you provided and hopefully find a good one. This will be my first so I'm trying to look into different options available
    Thanks :)
  • you should be able to build one for about $100 depending on what you are planning on running for gear. Now keep in mind that is without panels. I just interchange mine issued panels when I'm deploying.
  • what vest do you have from cheaper than dirt?
  • Haven't purchased mine yet. Was researching different sites and prices seeing as they may run me up to 700
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