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Police Myths

Cracked's "7 Bullshit Police Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)"


  • Love it. My family gets SO mad when I start to yell at the TV (it is supposed to be interactive, right?) "that's BULL. That's not the way it really works" That's when I usually get told to leave the room.
  • I liked the bit about the Miranda. Miranda only applies to subjects you plan to interview. You don't mirandize a DUI because there's really nothing you can ask that will help you in court. You already have him dead to rights. Also, these movie people don't realize that EVERY single cop who talks to a suspect will Mirandize them before they interview them. A suspect will hear Miranda more times than they want to before they go to court. The public, mostly due to Hollywood, doesn't really understand the real function of Miranda
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