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Will stricter gun law help prevent incidents like Sandy Hooks CT?

Do you feel we need stricter gun laws to help stop events like the one that took place in CT or do you feel more restrictive laws will help facilitate mass shootings because an unarmed population will be less likely to have the ability to defend themselves against people like this?


  • More restrictive laws will only restrict weapons from those who follow the laws. People who are broken/damaged will always be able to get whatever they need to do what they have in mind.
  • I think the only thing that will stop this is putting PRAYER back in the school systems. Without GOD, we are nothing.
  • I saw an article earlier that some stabbed 23 people in China. Madmen will always find a weapon.
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    One word to the first question.....No.
  • More regulations on law abiding citizens will NOT stop a criminal from obtaining a gun. In most cases gun crimes are committed with illegally obtained guns.
  • If you disarm the Law Abiding citizens you are just making it easier for the predators,,, They would love to have a bunch of Sheep to terrorize,,, I say more Law Abiding folks should educate and arm themselves,,, because we can't be everywhere at once. Make more Sheep Dogs,,, not Sheep. Stay Safe my Brother's and Sister's in Blue.
  • How often do you hear about civilians entering the fray, bearing arms and stopping massacres like this?
  • With more than 300 million guns currently in the US, I would say that more restrictive laws would put these guns into the hands of the bad guys as the good guys would be forced to give up their weapons.

    It is a tragedy that just occurred 15 minutes from my house and I think that at this time we should reflect on the lives lost and not the laws that govern this never ending debate.

    I have been in law enforcement for over 20 years, a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years and can tell you all that this type of incident ruins not only the lives of the families involved, but those of us that respond to this type of tragedy.

    I would rather see those of you on this site send out a prayer or two first and debate this later.
  • This has nothing to do with "gun control" and as we all know, people with bad intentions or wanting to commit a crime, will find a way. My prayers and thoughts to the Children, Families and Community of Newton Conn. Don't let liberals use this, as well as recent events, and make it a political game.
  • @Mach2: If I ever found myself in such a situation, I would certainly act to defend those in harms way. Though it is in my nature to be a protector. I believe in the old saw...

    All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    I refuse to do nothing, it is to my understanding legal to employ any means necessary in defense of one who's life is endangered. (Officers please feel free to correct me on this if I am incorrect.) and if such a case took place I would then await the arrival of the authorities and completely cooperate with them.

    I do not believe that stricter gun laws will solve anything, as reconn said better to have more sheep-dogs out there protecting the flock than surrendering our weapons and neutering our defenses against those malign souls out there.

    To all the Officers here and everyone else, We've been reminded again today my friends that it's a dark and dangerous world out there, stay safe and aware. Let's not let evil triumph.
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  • Prayers from my heart to those little souls, I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you or any of my other brothers in blue.

  • It's not about guns, it's about control. No guns, then you'll have to ban knives and swords. And then baseball bats. then 2 X 4s. Good luck with that...
  • And evil will not triumph as long as I can draw a breath...
  • What laws stop people from breaking them?
  • No, we went down this road with Slippery Bill in office and it was proved then again that gun control laws do NOT reduce gun related crimes. The guns aren't the problem, it is society as a whole.
  • I have never heard of a gun killing a person. People kill people. There has to be a conscious mind behind a gun for it to work.

    Gun laws do not keep the guns hands out of criminals. The FBI study by LEOKA did a check to see how many guns were legally obtained that were used in assaults on LEOs in the study. It was over 90% for the illegally obtained weapons.

    The real thing to look at is that shooters are vulnerable to detection during the planning phase. During this time they have to obtain all of the supplies; weapons, ammo, balletic armor, and other things. The family or friends may have seen all of this and you have to wonder if they stop and talk to the people and ask them what is going on.

  • Have seen a post on FB lately I like concerning this...

    "More gun laws will keep bad guys from getting guns? So that's why no one can buy illegal drugs I guess".
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    Well I was against Wisconsin CCW law -- and I still am -- And kind of proof it reallly doesn't matter - 2 Mass Shootings in our state since it happened. It doesn't scare anyone -- I think less guns means less problems -- Let me look back in the 60's, 70's and 80's -- Mass shootings weren't very prevelant -- Hmmm most states didn't have CCW laws either -- Now all but 1 state has CCW Laws and guess what -- Shit load of Mass Shootings -- 5 in 2012 alone -- Makes me wonder what is the real problem.

    And until I read or hear about a mass shooting was stopped by a person that was carring a weapon then guess what. I am totally against putting more guns in the community.

    Here is the problem and NOT ONE person has mentioned it -- The guns used by the person in CT. were legally obtained by his own mother. More guns in the community makes it easier for people like this last shooter easier access to them. VIA NEED STRONGER GUN LAWS.
  • I was banned from entering my daughter's Girl Scout meetings while in uniform because I carry a weapon. I refused to comply. My daughter was expelled from the troop! One would think that parents would feel safer having a law enforcement officer present. Crazy!!
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  • If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns...
  • Because banning drugs got them off the street? Nope...

    Because banning guns in Chicago since 1982 has prevented gun related crimes? Nope...

    Was fertilizer, race gas and box trucks banned after the bombing? Nope...

    Stricter gun laws only make it harder for law abiding citizens to obtain a firearm. Since when have CRIMINALS, EVER, obeyed and followed the law? If they can't get a gun they'll use something else, whether it be a nailgun, or a bomb...

    The FBI statistics have shown that crime rates have dropped since the 90s combined with the increase in gun sales... there is no ignoring or trying to skew that data. Guns are a crime deterrent(look at Switzerland), and in the right person can end a bad situation before it starts. You NEVER hear about people dying or theft at gun shows, and Switzerland has the lowest gun related crime in the world per populace which has a gun in every home.
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    Alright so a little knowledge for the group, firstly the young 'man' who shot up the school in CT tried to purchase a gun before the shooting from Dick's sporting goods and was DENIED due to his age i believe. Secondly there have been 2 shooting attempts stopped by citizens who were carrying concealed, One was the mall shooting, where a ccw holder approached and stopped him: and the second was an off duty police officer at a theater and man walked in with a glock 23, the off duty officer drew down and shot him

    There are numerous incidents where a responsibe CCW holder has saved many lives, what's the difference? The media doesn't sensationalize the heroes because that doesn't sell newspapers or air time. Unfortunately we as a nation thrive on drama. I know it's scarier out there knowing people could be armed, but a responsible gun owner knows when it's appropriate to draw and doesn't do so light heartedly. The gun laws in this country work very well.... for those who follow them. You want to stop gun violence, get the illegal guns off the street. we need to stop punishing the many for the crimes of a few.
  • The attack on Friday absolutely shocked me. Mortified! I was very sad to hear what happened, and then the details that followed. It had me do alot of soul searching trying to figure out not only why, but what now? Just last month I hung up my badge and gun as a police officer and moved onto another job. However I haven't forgotten about my experience there working and living within the thin blue line. Just weeks ago I ran through an active shooter scenario with my fellow officers for just such a situation. We're told of just what sorts of chaos and carnage we would come across as we close with and make contact with our suspect. I only hope and pray that the officer's involved up there will find peace, and comfort in their lives, and their souls for the rest of their lives.

    That being said, firearms are simply tools. Their application are designed for a definitive purpose though, yes, but they are tools. Much like knives, screw drivers, hammers, ropes, saws, CARS, box cutters........ that last one probably rings a bell here for most folks. Any sort of hard line legislation toward blantant restriction, however subversive it may seem, will be absolutely useless. Firearms have been in existence since the middle ages, and are a cornerstone in the foundation of this country. They are here, and will remain here. The technology already exists, and will not go away. What MUST change is us. We must ALL come to terms with what is right, what is wrong, and choose to live by what is right.
  • Everyone -- I love turns to say look at Switzerland -- Yes lets look at them -- They have the ability to carry concealed weapons -- However, if you use one in ANY sort of crime you don't get a trial they SHOOT you where you stand. Maybe that is what needs to happen in this country. Scare Tactics.
  • Besides, AR-15's, CIVILIAN semi-auto AR-15's, which of course we know are only a very particular model of rifles, have been in existence and sold now for at least 40 years, since the days of Vietnam. They are out there and will remain there. What is necessary is proper individual control of the weapons in our possession. That means gun safes, cable locks, trigger locks, common sense measures so that only a responsible person safeguards and has access to their own weapons.
  • No law will keep whack jobs from using guns to commit evil. More guns, not less is the answer. Arm the teachers, get rid of the gun free zones.
  • Deputy2373: "And until I read or hear about a mass shooting was stopped by a person that was carring a weapon then guess what. I am totally against putting more guns in the community."

    Whether it was an off duty LEO or a law abiding CCW holder, lives were spared by the actions of a person with a weapon.

    Laws are like locks... the will only keep the honest people honest.
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    Criminals and the mentally ill are the real danger to society not the tools they use. A hammer in the hands of a carpenter is a tool in the hands of a criminal it is a burglar tool or a deadly weapon. A chain Saw in the hands of a lumber jack is a tool, in the hands of a criminals it can be a means to break into your home, your business, etc and then turned into a deadly weapon to use against you. A knife in the hands of a butcher is a tool in the hands of a criminal it can be used as a deadly weapon, to jimmy open a window, or anything else their depraved mind can come up with. A screw driver in the hands of an electrician is a tool in the hands of a criminal it can be used to car jack you or merely to steal your car or perhaps your life! In short almost EVERYTHING in our society can be turned into a deadly weapon and used to further the goals of a criminal but one thing is certain the ONLY way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun! Would you rather your family wait minutes for help when seconds count ? Ending up A victim yourself by taking on an armed bad guy is foolish and serves only to further the bad guys interests. Gun free zones provide just such a hunting ground for those who desire to kill… Israel arms their teachers to protect their students..It works! A “gun free zone” sign is an invitation to kill to those who would do so and tells them they have nothing to fear from their intended victims !!!! Minutes or seconds the choice is yours as an American citizen and that choice should not be taken away by some knee jerk reaction ........!!!!!!
    sent to me by by Buddy Joe..retired NYPD
  • Look at the TSA and air travel. Since 9-11, we have been severely limited on what we can take on a plane because almost ANYTHING can be used to hijack that plane. It's true that firing a gun on an airplane is extremely dangerous. However, the reason these things are targets is because there in no one armed. Yes, we've used more air marshals since 9-11, but there should be an armed air marshal on every single flight. Maybe even 2. Gun Free Zones are just announcing that the particular building or area is full of easy victims.

    @Serimarie, I'm surprised your kid's scout troop acted that way. I sometimes go straight from duty to my kid's baseball game, and when I'm in uniform I don't take off my gun (if I'm in civvies I leave it in the car, but not in uniform). I'm not going to walk around in uniform with an empty holster because that looks retarded. No one has ever said anything to me about carrying while I'm in uniform, and they shouldn't. I agree with you, they should be happy to have an officer around.
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