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We never need a cop until we need one BAD...

edited 13 Dec 2015 in Thin Blue Line
"We hear more of one instance of failure of the part of police, than of 99 successes..."
Do you know who said this? No?
This was said by Chief Inspector Arthur Griffiths, the man most criminologists give credit for solving the Jack the Ripper murders in 1888. The suspect Inspector Griffiths was denied charging with the Ripper murders later killed three wives. Shame, if they'd listened to him, 3 more women wouldn't have died...
If you're a cop, & some days you feel like everyone is against you, please keep in mind; it's all been said before by critics who never walked a beat in their lives, who never went in harm's way to Protect & Serve others, & who would need a fresh set of underwear if the defecation ever impacted the oscillator anywhere near them...
Remember also, for every verbal critic you have, you have 100 (too) quiet supporters quietly praying for you daily.
Bless you LEO's; since the British burned Washington, wherever disaster & danger prowl, the expression most often heard when you arrive on scene is "OH THANK GOD, THE POLICE ARE HERE"
Because we never need a cop, until we need one BAD.
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