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Is this true?

Someone that I am (regretfully) related to made this comment to a post on Facebook today about arming teachers in schools in light of what happened in CT -

"Yes i do believe TEACHERS should have access to a weapon within 30 seconds at all times, I know there are crazies and some of them could snap but it pisses me off that when you go into a courthouse or cetain people peopel being able to have them and others not is wrong. just like killing a cop why do the murderers get much more time for that than an innocent child or a loving mother or an elderly person it just doesnt make sence to me"

The part that I want to highlight is this: "just like killing a cop why do the murderers get much more time for that than an innocent child or a loving mother or an elderly person". Is it actually true that people get more time for killing a police officer rather than a civilian? I've never exactly looked into that sort of thing - normally I'm focused on the officer and his/her family - but is that true?


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    What happen to your 2nd Amendment Did we all of a sudden forget where we live ? Who cares if a few liberal parents get mad. Throw it back in their face and say it's all about the safety of our children and you will be telling them the truth.
  • I don't think we should require teachers to carry, but it should be allowed if they choose to. The idea of gun free zones is a nice thought in theory, but in practice all you're doing is announcing a building full of easy targets. I say we lift all federal gun free zones. If a teacher with a CCW chooses to carry a gun on his hip or in his briefcase, more power to them. A place where children expect to be safe is the first place I want responsible adults with guns
  • If I trust them with a gun, I'll trust them with my kids. If I don't trust them with a gun, I don't trust them with my kids, with or without a gun. Start selecting teachers who are willing to be responsible for the safety and well being of our kids.
  • Oh hey...I guess I should have made it more clear that I was asking about the whole "people serving more time for killing an LEO rather than a civlian" thing. It really had nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment per say.
  • I believe that most public service jobs should consider carrying a concealed weapon. And just the same I do feel that anyone in public service should be subjected to the same hiring requirements, such as background checks, not just make sure one has a teaching degree. I think that all measures of security should be considered before hiring anyone in any type of public service.
    If we as parents can do what we can to protect our children, and school is our childrens 2nd home, wouldn't it make sense to know that our childrens teachers can do the same. (I agree with Lawman)

  • Oh and I may have gone off the topic just a little... But I agree that anyone who kills a cop should do more time than a civilian killing a civilian. Because an officer puts his/her life on the line from the get go. And in doing so they have earned that right. To be protected at all costs! A cop is a cop 24/7. And they are the authority. And it's a given... There is a big difference. You can't compare a LE officer to a civilian.
    BTW... I'm not a cop, but I support our LE.
  • @Demi915, are you suggesting that a cop"s life is more precious than a civilian's? I think a lot of people here might disagree with that. The reason cop's pool all of their resources to catch a cop killer is to protect the public. If someone will gun down an armed police officer, he wouldn't hesitate to gun down an unarmed civilian. Once the bastard is caught, if he is given a sterner sentence, it isn't because the officer's life was more precious, it's because the perp is more dangerous and a greater threat to the public for having killed an armed police officer. When a cop is in the shit, and there are innocents around, the number one priority is to the safety of those civilians. And the good ones would never ask to be treated any differently than those they are sworn to protect.
  • @wilavitt, I think you essentially answered my question perfectly. I never even thought about it that way.
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