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Threat Against Officer

Evening...I'm trying to get the word out about a threat against a Fairborn Ohio Police Officer. The threat follows an inexcusable face book post on the part of Officer Lee Cyr, where he called the suicide of a BLM activist a “happy ending”. While his judgment was terrible, he has been suspended and placed on admin leave pending an internal investigation. However, another local individual placed a threat on Facebook, calling for the murder of the officer and his immediate family (the post was modified, removing the threat against the immediate family, but it can still be viewed in the edit history). Facebook refuses to take down the post they claim it does not violate their community standards policies. In addition, the Greene County Prosecutor’s office, which should have jurisdiction, refuses to prosecute--related to me by a local LEO. I’m trying to get the word out, and I would love to get a community response to the prosecutor’s office with requests (polite & professional) to investigate further and bring charges against Mr. Montgomery—specifically for violations of ORC Title 29 Chapter 2921. In addition, I believe that the post should be reported by as many as possible. I would highly recommend against reaching out to the individual posting the threat on FB—no good comes from that. Instead, let’s see this guy prosecuted. This language, no matter how passionate someone is about his or her cause, is inexcusable.

Thanks all!

Greene County Prosecutor: Stephen K Haller
Ph: (937) 562-5250

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