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Police Captain who bailed on shot Officers may soon face historic charges.

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The NYPD is looking to make an example of the captain who blew off his duties after a double cop shooting — by bringing the first-ever criminal charges against an officer for stealing time from the department, The Post has learned.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is analyzing Capt. Scott Forster’s E-ZPass and cellphone to figure out if he was skipping out on his job and getting paid for the time, law-enforcement sources said.

Investigators also are looking at his New York Law School schedule to see if he was taking classes when he was supposed to be working.

If they discover he’d been regularly skipping out on work, the IAB intends to explore the possibility of slapping him with grand larceny charges, according to law-enforcement sources.

Historically, cops in his position have been docked vacation days if they get caught taking off early, according to sources.

Forster, 31, was stripped of his badge and gun last month after he went home on Feb. 20 instead of responding to Kings County Hospital, where two wounded cops had been taken.

He was supposed to rush to the hospital to help coordinate the arrival of the shot officers, William Reddin and Andrew Yurkiw, but insisted it’s “not my problem,” sources said.

Forster later told the Staten Island Advance that he didn’t learn about the wounded cops until he was already back at his Staten Island home, because he’d been feeling sick and had left work about a half-hour early without notifying his supervisor.

As punishment, the disgraced cop was transferred from his post at the 71st Precinct to the 52nd Precinct in the northwest Bronx, where he’s serving desk duty.

Forster, who was promoted to captain last summer, is currently under investigation for “gross negligence” and could be demoted at any time, law-enforcement sources said.

The hospital incident sparked the probe into his work habits after authorities found “numerous discrepancies” involving Forster in his precinct’s log book.

In 2014, he was disciplined for disregarding a direct order by a duty captain to respond to a call in Manhattan, according to law-enforcement sources. Then a lieutenant assigned to the Midtown South Precinct, Forster left for the night instead of responding to the call, which had been made near the end of his shift, sources said.

In 2011, Forster was charged with assault and briefly suspended for fighting with security guards at Jersey Shore Medical Center, sources said.

The charges against Forster, who earned nearly $140,000 in 2015, were later dismissed.

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