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Washington County Arkansas Sheriff's Deputy Recovering from shotgun blast

UPDATE: Lieutenant Augustine has given us permission to provide further details regarding his injury, so here it is:

Ti was shot in the left hip area. The slug shattered the ball joint of his left hip, then exited through his backside. It missed vital organs by less than an inch. He has had surgery to repair the shattered bone. The trauma to his body has caused him to be in quite a bit of pain, and the healing and recovery process will take some time, but Ti is in good spirits and he and his family wanted us to let you know how much they appreciate the many thoughts and prayers that have been sent their way.

We're attaching a couple of pictures of just a few of his visitors. The first one is of Ti with the current NW Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy class who presented him with a flag and a plaque. The second shows a banner made by the Randall G. Lynch Middle School Health Class.

Please continue to keep Ti and his family in your prayers!

We'll keep you updated on his progress as we're able.
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