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Schools, shootings, and the media

I'm sure by now everyone knows about the tragedy that happened very recently at an elementary school in Newtown, CT and the response by schools all across the nation heightening their security, but does anyone think that the coverage and political response is causing too much panic and stress among the younger members of society?

I am a Criminal Justice student and soldier in the WI Army National Guard residing in a small town in the middle of WI. Both today and yesterday, paramedics were called to the high school because several students passed out. There are now also LEOs from 3 different agencies patrolling the halls and the streets around the school (as opposed to just our single liaison officer and the usual occasional street presence of the local PD), due to rumors of people planning a copycat shooting at this school on Fri. Half of the student body may not show up on Fri. due to this.

Yesterday, there was 1 extra patrol car parked outside the school. Today there are 2 PD squad cars and 2 Sheriff's Office vehicles. The school will have 3 extra officers on patrol in the corridors for the next 3 days. I live nowhere near the police station, but while walking my dog- passed a veritable parade of LE automobiles, from the usual black & whites and tan & browns to new unmarked Dodge Charger units. There have already been a few arrests- due to some dumb punks going off and assaulting Police Officers just because they are upset that there is a possibility of a ban on assault weapons.

Is anyone else experiencing anything like this in their town/city /region?
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