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3 California Officers ambushed in unmarked vehicle, suspects in custody.

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — San Bernardino, California, police say no officers were hit in an exchange of gunfire and three people are in custody after officers were ambushed.

Lt. Rich Lawhead tells The Sun newspaper the officers were in an unmarked car in an alley Thursday night.

The officers got out of the vehicle to return fire as the suspects ran off through a motel parking lot and onto a boulevard where they encountered two more officers. Lawhead says one officer fired at one of the men and hit him.

A second suspect was taken into custody as he tried to enter a motel room and a third man was later found in a mobile home park.

The condition of the wounded suspect was not known.

As the incident was unfolding, a car-to-car shooting led to San Bernardino's 25th homicide this year.

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