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Hello All,
I am a rookie. Working in a small county in Colorado. I have been a medic and fire fighter for the better part of 15 years.


  • Colorado is a beautiful state, I always have a good time in Denver. Just stick with it, even when it gets rough. You'll thank yourself in the end.
  • Hey!! Good to have you on board!!
  • Hang with it...
  • Hey RedBull there are many of us that appreciate you being out in a small town here in Colorado hope you will stay around good luck to you.
  • If i move and change jobs, I would love to be a LEO in CO.
  • I work for a sheriffs dept in the mountains in Colorado and also worked for a department in the Vail Valley. Can't beat it!
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    I work in one of those small towns in Colorado, love it. Could not pay me enough to work Denver area, but then again grew up in small mountain town Colorado. Just need to get off the flats and back to the hills, Maybe in some time. Kind of concerning to me to be able to see for so far of a distance. I miss and need mountains.
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