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Federal LEO wives out there?

edited 23 Dec 2012 in Family Matters
Hi I just found this website & thought it'd be good 2 see if there r any other ICE wives out there. Been married 3 1/2 yrs together almost 7. He is retired Army & now 3 yrs service for ICE. It's been a VERY rocky rd. we have 20 mth old twins. Not long after I had them I found out he was cheating on me w/a younger court asst @ his facility. We r back 2gether but its so hard 4 me. He has PTSD & isn't happy w/his job. He wants 2 be on da streets busting ppl. He is a sex addict but da way he treats me I just don't want 2 be w/him like that anymore. It's like he uses that as an out-lit. I'm a stay @ home mom & I do it ALL. Cook clean care 4 da kids (we have 4 in all). But it's NEVER enough 4 him. Any advice????
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