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Does your town support or respect your department?

edited 24 Dec 2012 in Ask a Officer
Do the people of your town wave and smile every time you pass through or do they cut their eyes and complain ALL the time


  • My department rarely receives any complaints, but at the same time, we don't have people getting excited to see us.
  • Our city council says they do. Even after they stopped our retirement, stopped the incentive programs for reaching certain training and certification milestones. One raise in 5 years in time to coincide with insurance cost increase. They raised our med insurance to an unaffordable rate for our families. 1000 deductible costs about 500 a month. Do that on a rookies pay. Respect. Maybe some but not enough.
  • They like the Sheriffs Office when they need us, we'll see how much they like us soon were asking for a tax increase.
  • I get a lot of respect and only have a small group that doesn't like me. But I know it is not me they dont like, it is the job. Usually just the ones that "didn't deserve the ticket".
  • City Councils actions speak no. When it comes to the citizens it is mixed of course.
  • Here with CSPD, I would say no. There's been a number of incidents in recent years with the department that has put it in a negative light in the community. El Paso County Sheriff's Office, however, has a lot of public support - this is evident through the fact that Proposal 1A, Sheriff Maketa's idea, passed with overwhelming support back in November.
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