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edited 26 Dec 2012 in Family Matters
Being a police officer's wife with 2 daughters living in a small town. Growing up in the town where we live, most of the people that he comes in contact know me or know of me. Is it normal to sometimes feel scared that somebody will come after you and your family? I usually carry a small pistol with me when he is not with us, but at times I just have that feeling that someone will come after us, is there anyway I can get past these feelings? What do you do to stop thinking the worse?


  • I'm an officer and I'm not married, so I don't know the feeling of being the spouse...I'd imagine it's hard. I know my job is harder on my family than it is me. First cop in the family :) they worry.
    I wish I had advice on how to get past those feelings.
  • it's definately good to be vigilant as a cop and family of. be on your guard ready to act but try not to be paranoid. be congnisant of your surroundings and the "what if" scenarios. i prefer not to live in the same town i work but many officers do and often run into people, or family/friends of, that they've arrested. of course, this can still happen anywhere outside of your town too. you're armed, confident and ready. find peace in knowing that you are prepared for the worst and that should be a stress reliever.
  • I am not married yet but, I plan to marrying an officer or agent. I have dated LEO, I do not like dating outside the family (LE). It takes a special person to marry an officer. You have a right to be frightened, what they do is dangerous. That is why they do not tell their wives all that goes on at work. Protect your family and yourself, listen and learn. You are doing great. Oh yeah, Saint. Michael (I believe), the patron Saint of LEO's....bring him in your heart. It can't hurt. :)
  • My other half works in a specialized unit, and he comes in contact with the worst of the worst (without giving too much detail.) We take precautions too! Think about adopting a retired service dog from any one of the organizations that works with law enforcement agencies, or the military. We have a retired police K9 at home, and not only does she make the kids, and I feel safer because she is always on duty, but she's a great companion for those long nights alone!
  • Sorry, I didn't see respond to the rest of your post. Try not to be consumed by it! It does go away when you feel like you are adequately prepared to deal with it! Hopefully, the upside to living in a small town will help ease your mind as well! Remember... You husbands buddies are all around you too, and ready to act if necessary! We live in a large metro area, and sometimes I wish we had that same luxury!
  • Thanks for the advice, we actually have a k9 in our back yard and it helps but there are still times I get nervous out & about with the kids but I know he isn't far away if I need him or his brothers in blue ! God bless
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