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R.I.P. Public Safety Officer Jody Smith.


Public Safety Officer Jody Smith and Police Officer Nicholas Smarr, of the Americus Police Department, were shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence incident at a local apartment complex at South Lee Street and Country Club Drive, near the Georgia Southwestern State University.

Officer Smith, who was nearby, also responded to backup Officer Smarr at approximately 9:40 am. Officer Smith went to the back of the apartment while Officer Smarr approached the slightly ajar front door. Officer Smarr heard commotion inside, called out and entered, where he found the suspect. Also there was a woman and child, the victims from the domestic call. The suspect fled out the back door with Officer Smarr in pursuit. The suspect shot at the officers, striking both officers before fleeing property. Officer Smarr returned fire and then ran to Officer Smith rolled him onto his back and performed CPR until he could no longer.

When backup officers arrived, they found the wounded Officers men laying in the backyard, with Officer Smarr slumped over Officer Smith. Officer Smarr died that day from his wounds. Officer Smith died the next day found him wounds.

The suspect fled the scene but was found deceased the following day following a SWAT raid of a residence.

Officer Smith had served with the Georgia Southwestern State University Department of Public Safety for four months. He had previously served with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office and Plains Police Department.

Officer Smith is survived by his fiancée.

Officer Smith and Officer Smarr had known each other their entire lives and were best friends. Officer Smarr was going to serve as the Best Man at Officer Smith's weeding that was scheduled for May 2017.

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