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Two Arizona Officers shot multiple times.

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Police released footage Tuesday of a deadly April 23 gun battle between two officers and a suspect.

KPHO reported that Officers Joshua Pueblo and Daniel Colwell tried to remove Mitchell Oakley, 24, for trespassing at a Wal-Mart when Oakley opened fire.

The video shows Oakley pulling out a gun and shooting both officers multiple times, critically wounding one.

Officer Colwell is seen falling into a display sign before returning fire and fatally shooting Oakley.

“All I see was blood. I didn't know what exactly was wrong. I didn't know how much blood I was losing, or if I was going to make it. So there were definitely thoughts of family,” Colwell said.

Pueblo is still on medical leave after he received gunshot wounds to the face and arm, and Colwell has returned to duty.

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