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Civilians help Missouri State trooper under attack

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Missouri State Trooper Beau Ryun was aided by two Good Samaritans after he was attacked during a traffic stop Tuesday.

Ryun told KSHB he pulled over Jonathan Timmons, 22, for a lane violation and smelled marijuana in the vehicle.

Ryun found a pair of scissors in Timmons’ waistband and asked him to sit in the patrol car while he searched the suspect’s vehicle for drugs and weapons.

Ryun said Timmons lunged at him after he pulled his handcuffs out to arrest him.

"We were rolling around on the ground and it was a fight for control,” Ryun said. "The reception in that area was very poor for my radio, and I was unable to call for help."

Charles Barney was driving to funeral when his fiance told him there was an officer involved in a struggle on the side of the road. A 74-year-old woman, Sandra, pulled over to help as well.

Barney told the news station that he found the trooper’s handcuffs on the ground and put one of Timmons’ wrists in the cuffs. But Timmons struggled more and injured Barney in the process.

"So I locked his legs in with my legs and I grabbed his other arm and bent it up all the way over his head and told him, 'You need to stop or I'm gonna break it,’” Barney said.

Ryun said seeing bystanders stop to help him “one of the best moments of his life.”

“I couldn't call for help because my radio was disabled, so to see Charles and Sandra step up like that, I’ll remember that for the rest of my life.”

Timmons is facing six charges, including felony assault and possession of marijuana.

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