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Chicago Man Threatens Violence Against Police Officers’ Kids.

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Violent criminal, Untril Overstreet, is in the hospital after assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. A Chicago man, who claims to be the suspect’s father, has threatened police officers and their children.

According to KWQC, the incident began on Friday morning, February 17, 2017, near 9th and Filmore. Untril Overstreet and his girlfriend Elisha Dunlap, were in a vehicle that was stopped by Davenport Police Officers. Police said that Overstreet, age 40, was asked to get out of the vehicle and that he was ‘aggressive’ with them. Overstreet then assaulted an officer and fled on foot.

Davenport Police Officers followed and tased Overstreet, who was taken to Genesis East for his injuries. He was then transferred to Iowa City Hospital with injuries to his hands, face, and stomach. Also according to Overstreet, in his own words, “I just ran, I hit that dude’s hand and I ran, they tased me and that’s all I remember, I wasn’t violent after then.”

Again, in his own words, Overstreet ran from the police, which is clearly resisting arrest, he assaulted a Police Officer, and he wasn’t violent after being tased. Which means he admitted to being violent before. And that’s the story of a career criminal, who knows how much of a minimization that is.

Untril Overstreet has a lengthy criminal history, having been arrested nearly 36 times, and has been sent to prison several times. He blamed his criminal history for what happened on the traffic stop and said that “because of his background, they always want to stop my car, and pull me out of the car.”

Later, in a social media rant, Brian Hummons, a person claiming to be Overstreet’s father called police “cowardly racist mother f***ers” and said that he been stopped for running a stop sign. Last time I checked, it is against the law to run a stop sign. The expletive-filled rant continued and the writer said “you can’t possibly resist after you have been subdued by a Taser.” Well, this person was not present when the incident occurred, and actually people do continue resisting after being tased.

Brian Hummons continued to refer to police officers in the social media rant as “Trump Trash Racist Scumbags with a Badge” and other inflammatory language, and said that the incident was not over with. The writer then said that they felt like “doing some retaliatory shit” and that people were telling the writer to pray. Brian Hummons’s response: “I’m praying that I don’t find where their f***ing kids are at.” and ends with ‘what f***ing goes around comes around.”

Guess Overstreet got his attitude honestly, given that rant. The Davenport Police Department said that they have begun an internal investigation into the incident, which is standard procedure for all incidents involving use of force. They said that their concern was the numerous posts that had been made on social media which were inaccurate and also the threats made to police officers. The names of the Davenport Police Officers were not released.
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