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R.I.P. Sergeant Megan Callahan


Sergeant Meggan Callahan was killed after being assaulted at the Bertie Correctional Institution at approximately 5:30 pm.

She was attacked by a male inmate who was serving a life sentence for a previous murder.

Medical staff at the prison and other first responders provided medical aid but she succumbed to her injuries approximately one hour after the attack.

Sergeant Callahan had served with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety for five years.

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  • This was a preventable tragedy. The violent inmates and nonviolent inmates in prisons should not all be put together. And the very violent inmates should be separated from all other inmates so this jerk would not have had the opportunity to kill her.
  • superwhuffo Yes, he would have. We have a unit for inmates in get in trouble, its called segregation. An inmate is an inmate, no matter the crimes. We can't build a prison for every level of crime committed. They are already classified and housed in Minimum, medium, close, HCON, ICON death row and so on. We should know we are dealing with individuals who aren't trustworthy. This is the fault of Administration. We are understaffed and over worked for little pay. Unfortunately as a female living here this is about the best job we are going to get. Our weapons are a radio, a whistle, out dated pepper-spray and a baton if you take the training. Trust me, I'm now disabled from one of these inmates!! I said nothing would change in the NC system until one of us came out in a body bag. And if you think once injured they will pay us, Think again....I got nothing, but sure lost my career that I loved!!
    My prayers are with Sgt. M Callahan's family. I am so sorry.
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