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4 Los Angels Officers Injured.

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Four gang officers with the Los Angeles Police Department were injured Monday afternoon after their two patrol cars collided in a South Los Angeles parking lot, authorities said.

The collision occurred about 4:40 p.m. in a shopping center parking lot at Vermont Avenue and 43rd Place, according to LAPD Officer Mike Lopez.

One patrol car was headed south and the other was traveling west when they crashed, sending one of the cruisers into an unoccupied parked car.

All four officers, who work out of the LAPD’s 77th Street station, were taken to a hospital with complaints of pain and cuts from the airbags, which deployed in both cars. All were in stable condition.

No civilian injuries were reported.

Additional details about what led to the crash were not available.

“I just know they were doing gang enforcement in that area,” Lopez said.

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