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ID Officer Honored for Helping Driver Experiencing Medical Emergency

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The car was moving — but the driver was groggy and slumped over the wheel.

That’s what Idaho State Police troopers responding to an April 24 crash on Interstate 84 found when they arrived at the unusual scene near Nampa.

The actions of Trooper Steven Farley helped saved the life of the driver, who was experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency. Farley is receiving an Idaho State Police Life Saving Award at 3 p.m. Thursday.

When the troopers first arrived at the crash scene, a Honda Civic was rolling along along the concrete barrier that separates eastbound and westbound traffic on the interstate at least than 5 mph, according to police.

After the vehicle stopped, two troopers yelled at the driver to open up the door. They got no response, so they broke the passenger side window to get inside.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Farley can be heard asking the driver in a dash camera video released by ISP.

“Are you diabetic? ... You are?” he says. Later, he says, “Hey, keep talking to me. Hey, stay awake. Keep talking to me, OK?”

He tested the driver’s blood sugar, then ran back to his patrol car to get a can of soda. He was able to get the groggy driver to ingest some of the drink, as they awaited medical personnel.

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