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Calm Down

I am a Probation Officer in NC for almost 3 years and I love what I do. But I am very stressed and over whelmed about my job!!! How can I calm down with my job duties and reduce the my anxiety when I am making an arrest?


  • I've been a deputy for 26 years, so hopefully I can be of some help. I have learned that I can only do one thing at a time, the most important thing is your safety and the safety of other law enforcement officers and God. Everything else is the "little stuff". What kind of anxiety do you experience making an arrest?
  • vcallahan

    Another words take it easy, do one thing at a time and be safe. It's not really anxiety but an adrenaline rush. How can I get over that rush?

  • That adrenaline rush is your senses at a heightened level. Everyone who makes an arrest experiances it. Listen to the 'little voices' they will keep you safe. Anxiety is what you feel when going on a raid or warrant service, before you get there. You are going over all the details and playing 'what if' in your mind. No matter what, officer safety comes first. Keep yourself and your fellow LEO's safe. Remember, "not today" and everyone goes home at the end of your watch. Stay safe out there!
  • Another thing, there are some breathing exercises you can do when you feel yourself going there. Talk to your agency Trainer or local training officers and see what they recommend.
  • Yeah we all get the rush in high stress situations. It's normal and like sjb324ret said it will help keep you safe when you listen to it. I was always told that if I wasn't scared going into a hot situation, i was being careless, not using my senses.
  • Like the others said, it will subside some over time, but when you don't get anxious or excited it may be time to find a new job. Apathy kills.
  • Thanks for the great advice everyone.
  • I wish you the very best.
  • Experience will help out. That, and deliberate concentration on the task at hand.
  • Im with Lawman...It comes with time 2nd nature...
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  • That "anxiety" you feel will keep you alive, don't try to get rid of it but use it, trust it, and work with it. We all feel it when the feces hits the rotating blade and like was said, if you stop feeling it, it is time to be a greeter at Walmart.
  • What causes you anxiety ? If it's the risk of the job what part. Being safe while doing your job is important, maybe practice better arresting Technics. There is nothing wrong with being Scared we all are at times it keeps you safe. Get a hobby that removes the edge and clears your mind
  • Fear, when controlled, keeps you alive. Take deep breaths and get into the mindset that you are going home at end of shift. Some of us, like me, don't get the complete rush until it's all over. Then it overwhelms you.

    You will respond as you have been trained. So train, train, and train some more. And stay safe out there!
  • Rule number one, don't take the job home with you, rule number two, don't take the job home with you, rule number three, don't take the job home with you. Seeing a pattern here? You can break an iron rod by flexing it back and forth constantly, thus placing it under constant stress, eventually it fails and comes apart. When you go off duty at the end of the day, lock it away in your mind. Focus on your wife, kids, family. Get a hobby that helps reduce your stress. Mine is riding motorcycles. Thank you brothers for the professional courtesy when you see me riding, um, vigorously. How does this help you handle the stress on the job? By constantly being under stress on/off the job, you're like that metal rod. In time you will burn out and fail. In our job, failure can result in injury or death. So reduce the stress when off duty, work out, ride bike, wrestle with your kids, wrestle with your wife , ;) have a life that is not your job. It will take a few years then it will come naturally. But now, eat right, focus on things other than your duties when off duty. That way when your on duty, you'll be able to better focus on your duties. Do not turn to alcohol to help with the stress. To many brothers have, and you know where that ends up. Take positive steps to deal with it and you will do well.
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