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Patch collecting

Anyone willing to trade patches?


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    I'm in! Torrington PD, Wyo.
  • Always from Arizona Highway Patrol..message me
  • As I from the Minnesota DNR, inbox me and we'll talk.
  • I'm in. Message me on here. Springfield Twp. OH patches.
  • I'm in El Paso, Texas(EPPD)
  • I'm in Pointe coupee sheriff dept

    New roads louisiana
  • I'm in. San Bernardino County Sheriff.
  • If you have any interest in Middletown, NJ PD I would gladly send you one
  • I have to see how many patches I have left. I have a few from my old PD and a few from the PD im at now. Will get back with all soon. Thanks
  • I'm a CT Judicial Marshal and would be happy to trade.
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  • Virginia Department of Corrections a have a few left, till i get some more. Send me a message
  • I have patches from Fairfax County, VA, plenty to trade.
  • I would like to trade with each of you as I have recently began to collect. I'm from Lake Saint Louis PD, Missouri. Message me your address and I will send one, hoping you would return the favor. If you not interested in receiving one, I will respond with my address. Thanks!
  • I am what you call collection specific. I trade for any patch with the Confederate flag on them, old west and oddball names of towns.
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    From Kansas State University Police and would love to trade patches just send me a message. I have our patch plus one from my former department as well. I use the department's address here which is:

    Kansas State University Police Department
    c/o Sgt. Brian Sheaves
    1802 Kerr Drive
    108 Edwards Hall
    Manhattan, KS 66506

  • Ontario provincial police Canada and the now disbanded Town of Essex police
  • I have number from the Naval Weapons Station Police. Both the DOD & the DON patches. I retired from the Department 29 February 2008.
  • Former Miami Officer. I have many Miami PD patches. Looking for to trade for my quilt my wife has been making for 20 years.
  • I'm in have a few left - Wisc. DOC.
  • I am looking to start trading and collecting patches. I am an officer in Fort Worth
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  • I am looking to Purely collect and trade some. Lol I have to get my collection up. I am looking for Patches and Challenge coins.... You can email me and we can arrange something I work in Orange County, Fl
  • Have patches Jennings County Sheriffs Dept in Indiana only Jennings County in US willing to trade
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  • Anyone interested in NYPD...... Message me
  • I'm defintely interested message me for patches from Bernalillo, NM
  • I work for the 19 mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Police Department, & would like to trade patches.
  • Vernon Police Dept., near south central Los Angeles, Ca
    ...Have Uniform and subdued patches. I usually collect them when I visit other places, but I wont be able to get everywhere...Let me know and in box me..Thanks and be safe
  • I'm in. Williamsburg County Detention Center
  • I have a couple Federal Bureau Of Prisons patches and a few others I may be willing to trade msg me
  • I am in. I work in Northern California. Just message me if you want to trade.
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  • I have some pa depts that I worked for that I can trade with some fellow officers
  • I'm in El Paso Texas willing to trade. El Paso Police Department.
  • Iaam collecting conservation agency patches, Game Warden, Park Ranger, Forest Fire fighters, Conservation etc. Have patches from Maryland Natural Resources for trade and others send me message if interested in trading Mike
  • I have some from different places. I am looking for Cooperstown NY or Texas County SD's
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    Anyone interested in trading police challenge coins, message me. Stay safe everyone.
  • I am with the Department of the Army Civilian Police and willing to trade.
  • I would love to collect patches but I am just a dad of an LEO. I don't have anything to trade but would love to collect them for him without him knowing and then one day be able to present them to him. If you don't mind me not being able to trade, I would love to be in. Thanks.
  • If you would like to trade let me know. Anderson County Sheriffs Department in Tennessee.
  • I'm in sunny Southern California (sorry, couldn't resist). Retired from LAPD. Always looking for new trades. Msg me at
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    Always looking to trade too! Phoenix PD! email me!
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  • Utah Highway Patrol
  • My husband was a officer, and passed away, he used to collect patches. I would be more than happy to give them away. We were from Alaska, so he has a few from there.
  • Im not in law enforcement, but my family is all Police, Sheriff/SWAT, U.S. Marshal, Fire, EMS, and Air Force. My dad is a supervisor with the local Sheriff's office here in South Florida. I am a HUGE patch collector, and have quite a few duplicates of patches, and plenty more to trade! IF you're interested, holler at me! I've got a lot of Florida patches!
  • Youngstown, Ohio here. New patches from all local p.d.'s e-mail me for trades
  • I am willing to trade patches...tribal pd in upstate ny
  • I have a few left for the Lexington, KY police
  • I am interested in trading patches. I am in Las Vegas. Everyone wants a patch from Las Vegas. If you already have one from this area I can get one from another LV agency. Let me know.
  • Interested! I'm Lake County Indiana
  • Im interested I work for Young County in North Texas......I have a 5 year old who loves law enforcement and I use the patches to decorate his room with. So please whatever you have for him would be very appriciated.
  • I will trade. Have already done a couple. Have quite a few from my service in Ontario Canada.
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