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Radio joking

Anyone have a little fun on the radio? The PD I currently work tends to get EXTREMELY boring on night shift. So to wake the dispatchers and the other cops up, I toss out little odd transmissions. Example about 20 minutes ago I had a call to unlock a gate for a vehicle to pass. I transmitted, "Tell them to hop the fence, just kidding, I'm en-route." Dispatcher giggled. I don't see I'm crossing the line or saying anything negative. I'll continue until I'm told to stop. If you can't have a little laughter on the job, then you will hate it. Just my opinion. Peace!


  • You gotta have some fun sometimes, especially on graves. We will call in the dispatchers plate and it completely throws them off, we have a great group, allows us to have a lot of fun.
  • Sometimes you need to have some fun. just remember that there us a time and place for everything. When you're on the radio joking around someone who needs it can't get through. I'm not judging though, I've done it myself.
  • We do around here but half the citizens have scanners so we have to be careful
  • Hey astpd109....I think I know you, LOL. My Deputies did that to me when I was dispatching!

  • Our pfficers do it all the time. Had one of our deputies call me on the phone and told me to run a tag it was my car, he then said he was trying to catch up to it casue it was headed down the road I told him to just stop it and get a couple of things out of it and that hey could keep the car.
  • We actually have a license number that cames back to Santa Clause in our state. I like calling in a license check on that during Christmas. It's a slow night.
  • To many scanners and the boss monitors the radio. I drop a meow every now and then for some guys on the fire dept to laugh at
  • ok meow. car ramrod out.
  • Too much radio traffic... also seems like the guys around here don't have much in the way of a sense of humour. Occasionally you hear one drop though...
  • Want to be funny on the radio? Get a radio show. The radio can save your life or cost someone theirs, in a split second, if emergency traffic is held up by a joker. jmho Most departments have a private channel for the lighter moments or FYI traffic.
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  • Thats what TAC is for. I'd hate to have to try to explain in a courtroom what I was talking about when joking on the radio right before a major incident occured.
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