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Central Florida

My name is Vickie and I've been a deputy for 26 years in Central Florida. I've been able to work in different investigations through my career and have loved doing all of them. I'm looking at retirement in about 3 1/2 years, but not sure I'm looking FORWARD to it.

I am interested in The Thin Blue Line forum and know I can benefit from the experience of others here.


  • Good to have you on here Vickie. 26 years!!! Right on!
  • Congrats on the 26 years Vickie!
  • Holy cow, props to you! I hope I can say that 26 years from now. :)
  • Thank to all of you. I have to say I've loved the good and bad of it.
  • Good to see you here.
  • Congrats on 26yrs..
  • Glad to see the dedication. Congratulations
  • awesome! thank you for your dedication && commitment to our community! may you always be kept safe.
  • What agency did you work for?
    Can you tell me more about why you stayed an what the atmosphere was like among peeers.
  • Woo hoo on almost retirement.. Can't wait to say 26 years also from central fl
  • Thin Blue Line Decals at
  • try campus police. in maryland, campus police is last stop or retirement job. book thefts, bike thefts, taxi driver, few cds calls, fights after the fact, harassment, door unlocks, building checks and other very minor duties but the pay is good. leops, state job, free tuition. not my cup of tea but the pay is the highest around.
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