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Favorite Police TV Show.



  • Law n Order SVU !!!! hands down!!!
  • The Wire and The Shield
  • Southland, Cajun Justice, justified
  • Dating myself here - Police Squad with Leslie Nielsen. Funny as hell!
  • Hill Street blues.. Dennis Franz's first cop show. And CHIPs...
  • Andy Griffith... my husband is a chief in the small town, even his ringtone on his phone has the mayberry
  • Third watch : )
  • Third watch : )
  • Alaska State Troopers and Border Wars are awesome!
  • The wire and southland. Serpico is a classic.
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  • Southland...all the way!!!
  • My all time favorite would be "24", but considering it's no longer in production I like "SouthLAnd" and "Northwood Law"!
  • Cops, watched it every single day, even though they play the same ones over and over! I've also ventured into Alaska State Troopers sometimes. (I don't watch TV much)
  • Southland, Rookie Blue, and Alaska State Troopers
  • The Shield, and one old skool, Hawaii Five-O, book em DANN-O
  • Southland and NYPD Blue
  • My cousin was on Cops one show where they covered Indianapolis. Cops was OK. Southland is much better. And Law and Order (regular and SVU).
  • That's a tough one: COPS, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU and Blue Bloods. Don't care much for the others.
  • Rookie Blues,Magnum PI,Hill Street Blues,Blue Blood,Jesse Stone series.... :-bd
  • The Shield, Southland, Third Watch, Flashpoint, Rookie Blue, and I also have a couple series of Chips.
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  • I just started getting into Southland. I bought the complete second, third and fourth seasons DVD set. Great show. Addicting. I've got season 1 coming from Amazon. I just wish they did more than 10 episodes per year
  • Southland, justified and flashpoint
  • CHIPS started it all with me..
  • Southland, That's were I worked for LASD.
  • Flashpoint....but admittedly more for the eye candy than anything else
    I used to watch SVU but now it makes my teeth itch. I'm a DV/SV advocate and frankly I get enough of that subject matter at work....and on call. It also makes my clients think that the bad guy is gonna get caught and thrown in jail forever in less than a week....
  • I like law and order svu, nyc blue, COPS and I absolutely love blue bloods the only thing is that most people think that (because of those shows) we can solve a Case in a day lol
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