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Hello Fellow Officers

Just a note of hello. I am happy to be included in this forum. Should be able to exchange many great stories and LE information. I retired from Dallas PD in 2002 after almost 31 years. Spent 9 in Patrol as an Officer and Sgt. Then 2 years Accident Investigations. Concluded my career as a Motorcycle Sgt. for 20 years. Last 7 as Chief Instructor for our Motorcycle Training School. I now teach the Basic MSF Course at Pikes Peak HD in Colorado Springs. Yes I moved to hte mountains one month after retiring. I ski race and love riding the HD in the mountains. Look forward to hearing from all of you. Active and Retired. Stay Safe and watch your 6!


  • Welcome bcaperton, retired lieutenant from NJ. Retired in 1999 after 25 years because of a back injury. I moved the the crystal coast of North Carolina. Glad to have you here. Stay safe and God bless.
  • Welcome bcaperton. Look forward to reading your stories.
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