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Humor in uniform

edited 10 Jan 2013 in Family Matters
I have been a cop wife for 28 years and I'm use to the lifestyle. Over Christmas I was trying to keep things moving and organized. We had just opened presents and it was time to start breakfast, you know Grandma has to eat something so she can take her pill.......
I started laughing and stated to my family, "Really, really many women have to ask that you get your guns off the counter so I can fix breakfast?" My daughter thought that was hilarious and immediately went about informing all her friends via social media what a freak show her family was. We did get quite a bit of feedback, not sure if that is good or bad!

My son recently graduated from the Academy and started his first job as an officer in a small dept in the mountains of Colorado, as we were helping him move to his new location he called me to bring a few things from home, the list is as follows:

AR (assault rifle)
Academy certificate
SFFT (something to do with his DUI certification)
Jeans (left them here over Christmas)
Duty gear
Shirts that go with BDU (he won't be in uniform for 2 weeks)
Air mattress

I just had to laugh as I looked over this list, not your typical items that most "boys" would ask their mom to bring to them. I was going to put this on Facebook but thought this would be a more appropriate outlet.

I'm sure many of you have similar situations occur in your unusual life as LEO family members. I have found over the years with all the negative things they deal with on a daily basis, they REALLY need some humor in their world, ESPECIALLY at home! Make it a safe place they can fall after a rough shift. I know it's hard when you've been home dealing with day to day life and you need them to take some of the heat off you when they walk through the door but give them some time to decompress. Make the first thing you say to them "I'm sooooo glad you made it home safely to us" not " the sink is clogged AGAIN, are you gonna fix it right this time?"

The life of Law enforcement is not an easy one but it can be so awesome, I can't imagine mine any other way. Enjoy it, laugh every chance you get and don't forget to thank a cop even give him a hug if he'll let you.


  • That's pretty funny!
  • Aw, great story. :) I'm so glad your husband, as a police officer, has such a loving and supportive family to come home to.
  • I love it! Thanks for sharing, hahaha it definitely made me laugh. Great story of a successful LEO family. :)
  • I come from an LEO family and I'm 3rd generation. Dismemberment and piss soaked back seats are a common topic of dinner table discussion.
  • MP,
    I totally hear what you are saying. I worked in our local ER and my husband and I usually saw the same cases. Our poor children had to endure many dinner conversations with less than appetizing topics.
    I also remember one trip to the city where there were four of us crammed in the back seat of his car because we had to transport a prisoner to DOC before we could continue with our plans for a day at the zoo. I think the poor prisoner was ready to hang himself after 2 hours in the car with 3 children. Is that considered cruel and inhumane punishment?
    There was also a time when my hubby took the kids fishing, now keep in mind we live in a VERY rural area, he was considered on duty 24/7 and had to take his work car anytime he was in the county.....we live in a huge county. A call came over of a intoxicated male in a campground, shots fired. By the time all was said and done, the perp was handcuffed in the front seat of the car with my son who was 3-4 at the time and is now a police officer himself, singing the COPS theme song in the back seat.

    Now before any of you freak out about the kids being in danger, don't! This is the life of a lawman in the area we have chosen to raise our family. We have very successful, well adjusted children who have all gone on to serve their communities.
  • Thanks Mom... Reminded me of my own..
  • Great stories. My son just got hired. In preparing we have had some interesting conversations. My son was a reserve officer before he got hired on. He was not making much money at his paying job, so for holidays, I would give him ammo, and things like that to help out. Who get's ammo in their Easter baskets!! We have some really great pics to show his future children. I was telling a co-worker, who has never been around a LEO family, about some of our conversations.....Not every mom and son chat about which grip is better... on the Glock or the S&W.
    Oh and the above comment about the COPS theme song, too funny. My son was destined to go into Law Enforcement, my older daughter got him to start watching that show when he was just a little guy.
    Moral to the story, he has great support from his family and we will continue to have some humor added to ease the stress of his job.
  • Enjoyed all of the funny stories!
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