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Range Shooting

I was shooting my Glock 23 at the range and went through 100 rounds today. I was noticing that I shot at the upper left side of the target. I tried aiming to the right a little more and didn't work. I tried to aim higher at the center of the target but still shot left. Is one of my eyes dominate more then the other? How can this be fixed?


  • Could be a lot going on without seeing you shoot.

    Shooting is all about basics. Remember stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger pull. Make sure that your grip is good, you have the proper amount of finger on the trigger, and you aren't anticipating the shot.

    If you think you are anticipating, do a lot of dry fire drills. In fact, it can never hurt doing these. Find a safe area to do this, make sure your pistol is clear, and really work on the basics, doing slow trigger pulls.

    Also, with a Glock, remember the combat trigger (trigger reset). Keep the trigger pulled back until you are back on target and let it out just enough for it to reset. You will feel a click. After that you are good to go for the follow up shot.
  • Are you left handed or right handed? I am guessing a couple things may be happening. IF you are shooting high you are most likely anticipating the recoil and raising the gun ever so slightly before it goes off. You very well could be pushing or pulling the trigger depending on which hand you use. Consistent dry fire and inserting dummy rounds in your magazine is probably the only way to fix this...
  • Thanks for the advice.
  • I was having a similar issue. I am right handed and shot with my right eye. Turns out I'm left eye dominate. Try that it worked for me.
  • The way to tell which dominant eye you are is to hold your hands straight out in front of you in sort of a diamond formation. Put your hands over some object in the distance, arms outstretched. Without taking your vision off of the object in the middle of your "diamond", bring your hands slowly to your face. Your hands will automatically gravitate toward your dominant eye
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