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edited 30 Jan 2013 in Family Matters
No matter what you're doing at the time, always try to answer your phone when your spouse is calling. It's one of the simplest ways to show them the place of priority they hold in your life and in your heart...

- Mr. Medina


  • i've had this discussion/argument with my wife countless times. i answer the phone when she calls whenever possible but obviously can't if im in the middle of an investigation/arrest/traffic stop, etc. after 7-8yrs, and now that she is working also, she's finally starting to get it. she knows i care and that i'll call her back when i can. simply put...leave a message and wait.
  • I couldn't agree more, if you want your marriage to work and truly love your spouse they need to know they are a priority. As a new LEO I do all I can to make sure that my husband knows. Besides the divorce rate among LEO's is high enough with me adding to it.
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