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Good Morning everyone I am a Crossing Guard for Nassau County Police Dept. Kristina


  • Welcome to the site.
  • Welcome.
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    Hi folks,I am a former member of the Northern Ireland Police the 'RUC' (Royal Ulster Constabulary).Wishing all serving and veteran police persons world wide all the very best.
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    good morning all, new member here. retired from sheriffs dept 30 years service and enjoying life. Just wanted to say hello to all my brothers and sisters in law enforcement !!! Anyone from Louisiana ?
  • Hello world, active duty Leo here from Norwalk Ct
    Stay safe out there
  • Good evening to all brothers and sisters...Retired from Pennsylvania State Police...Currently Chief County Detective in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
  • Hi everybody. I'm a officer from Mont-Tremblant, Canada! It's nice to meet you!
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