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511 Boots?

Has anyone tried any of the boots from 5-11? I just ordered a set for work and I hope they are good quality like their other clothing products are.


  • The pair I was issued while working corrections were decent. I don't remember what style they were but they were light and flexible but still sturdy. I prefer Bates myself, but I hope this helps.
  • I wear the 5.11 TacLite boots. I prefer them over the boots I've had in the past. They are sturdier than Magnums and more comfortable than Bates (for me). The pair I have now is almost a year old and still holds a shine with no wear to the interior.

    p.s. - Get the 5.11 socks. Best socks ever!
  • I bought the TacLight boots and the soles wore out kinda quick.
  • I wear Danner Arcadia's, If you want a boot that lasts you will wear them too, very expensive but last forever if you care for them. And they have the replaceable sole. I highly recommend Danner for Police wear.
  • I got a couple of pair of 5.11 boots that are over a year old. They work well, and feel good. No significant issues with them.
  • They wear fast, don't buy them if you work in a place that has a lot of ice. You'll see what I mean if you do.
  • Had 1 pair years ago and will never buy another one.
  • I have had the 5.11 boots for about 6 months so far. They seem to be wearing normally and they are very comfortable. They are looking good and holding a shine well too.
  • They wear fast and suck on ice and snow
  • Not many boots work well on ice.

    I will keep a watch on the wear, but so far they are holding up like other boots I have worn. They aren't Danners, but not many of us are lucky enough to work for a department that will buy them. I work for a state agency, we don't have a budget.

    I will get at least a year or maybe more out of these. That is all I ever ask for a pair of boots.
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  • K Friend is right, You can't beat the Danners for durability and they can be resoled. I wore them and Bates when I worked SWAT and on the street. Bates were comfortable and affordable. Danners expensive up front but last.
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